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Gretna Bridal Hair
Hair                         *£30 - £40
Make-up                *£30 - £35
Hair                        *£30 -£35
Make-up               *£25 - £30
Gretna Bridal Make-upMother of Bride & Groom:
Hair                        *£20 - £30
Make-up                *£25 - £30
Children: (under 11 yrs)
Childrens wedding hair at Gretna Green
Hair                        *£15 - £20
Make-up                             £15
Hair                *£20 - £30
Make-up                   £25
Manicured Nails:  
bridal French manicure OPIFrench Manicure      £15   
Your own nails shaped & French polished
(white tips with a pink finish)
OPI bridal manicure
File & Varnish      £10
Using soft shades or feel free to bring along a varnish of your choice, to match your colour scheme.
False Nails   £20 
If you nails are too short you can have glue on false nails with a French finish (lasts approx 5 days and easily removed with acetone)       
Gretna Green Bridal Manicure
Minx Nails
If you choose a design at www.minxnails.com and we will try and get them in stock for you!
Finger nails   £20
Minx nails ~ Lace bridalToe nails        £20   
Minx pedicure in Gold
£30 ~ hair trial
 £30 ~ make-up trial
 *plus a travel fee for outside the Gretna area.
Please ask for details.
"All our prices include fitting of tiaras, fascinators, veil, flowers etc."
*Prices depend on hair length, style required or if clip-in extensions are added on the day!
*Additional fee for bookings outside the Gretna area, Sundays or Bank holidays.
False eyelashes for brides by au naturel in Gretna Green
False EyelashesCan add the glamorous touch to your make-up. 
Your own lashes applied               £5
We supply lashes & apply             £10      
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